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Monday, December 12, 2011

Arkansas farmers lead revolt against caps after being slammed by Bayer

Well with Arkansas standing up for itself, I guess it is just Mississippi left. So Bayer please send all your defective mutant rice, cotton, grain,  pesticides  and  fertilizers  to Mississippi. Because like the Honey Badger "In Mississippi business doesn’t have to care and can take what it wants." Wipe out the state's cotton crop; we have caps for you, best in the land! Wipe out half the wildlife in the Delta, deer, ducks, hogs, (That would actually be a good thing) no problem we have caps upon caps for you. Best of all if you accidently poison or wipe out a small town, you drivers get drunk run over a school bus, or you have Sandusky’s like employee who rapes a few dozen small children, even if you get caught, we have caps and damages limits for you can't believe. Our Chamber can say with great pride nowhere other than 1940's Nazi Germany is it cheaper to kill people and cause mayhem. (If you don't understand this reference ask your Jewish friend and let him tell you what company made most of the poison that was used in bath houses in the Nazi concentration camps.)

If you have any experimental products that may backfire don't waste time trying them out in the third world, bring them to Mississippi. It is cheaper than paying off all those South American and African Officials, or dealing with bad press from the BBC or Reuters. The press will write what ever you want them do in Mississippi. "They don't give a damn." The politicians are eager to do what you want. You probably will not even have to bribe them.

So bring all those experimental products, dangerous chemicals and fertilizers to Mississippi Bayer. Life is cheap here, cheaper ....
even than in Arkansas!

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