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Friday, April 20, 2012


Raccoons 1
Allstate Policy Holder 0

Although this should come as no surprise to anyone who has had the great misfortune to be forced to file a claim with them, (At least 100,000 Coast resident from Katrina  agree with me on this btw regardless of politcal persion), that despite its commercial to the contary Allstate a/k/a Allsnake is refusing to cover a claim in Mississippi for damages due to  a racoon infestion. (See actual sumary below) I guess Allstate is the cut rate company, just with 5 times the premiums.
A Family of raccoons nest up in an attic, and does what a raccoon does in Mississippi. (Just like the commercial) Allstate policy holder calls his agent as he thinks he has coverage as this exact issue is featured in AllState Mayhem commercial. (See Below) But instead of getting the "good hands" of its neighbor the get the full force of a punch to the stomach. 
Allstate sent them a  denial letter refusing to pay for (1) removal and replacement of "contaminated" insulation and (2) cleanup of the mess caused by raccoons in her attic because Allstate says there is the following exclusion language:
"Losses We Do Not Cover under Coverages A & B: Vapors, Fumes, acids, toxic chemicals, toxic gages, toxic liquids, toxic solids, waste materials or other irritants, contaminants or pollutants."
All they are willing to pay for is the elimination of the animals and repairing the fan.  They denied the rest of the work based on the fact that the policy does not cover toxic fumes, which is totally bogus.
Anybody heard of this before?I thought there was a "Mayhem" commercial involving raccoons!!!
And here's the damn commercial!!!
Pollution exclusion, for Raccoon sh*t and damage. REALLY ALLSNAKE REALLY.?  Well in my book that is complete BullSh*t under my you guys are idiots clause.

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